Tuesday, 28 May 2013
Protect your drinking water

What is a backflow device and why do I need one for my sprinkler system?

A backflow is a device used to protect the water supply from contamination due to backflow.  There are many different backflow devices and applications ranging from a vacuum breaker on a garden hose to a reduced pressure zone backflow preventor used where chemicals are connected to the water lines.  This is common in a commercial/industrial setting and if there was water pressure loss on the water supply, cross contamination could occur.  Backflow preventors are also required on lawn sprinkler systems.  If a chemical applied to your lawn (fertilizer, weed killer, etc.), enters your sprinkler system heads, the backflow device prevents that chemical from siphoning back into the potable water supply. 

The City of Manhattan requires all backflow preventors to be tested annually by a certified tester.  The tester is certified through the State of Kansas and had to pass a weeklong training course.  Every three years, the tester must pass a two-day training course to maintain his or her certification. 

When testing a backflow, the tester connects a special gauge to the backflow device and runs a series of tests to ensure the backflow is functioning properly.  The tester records the results of the test on a triplicate form provided by the City.  The tester then signs his or her name, the time and date of the test, his or her certified tester number and expiration date and the test gauge manufacturer, model and serial numbers. One copy goes to the City, one to the customer and the third copy must be kept by the tester for a period of seven years.  The City will notify the customer one year from the test date to retest the device.

Please contact Brent to be placed on our annual backflow testing schedule to protect your drinking water as well as the drinking water of your neighbors.

Posted on 05/28/2013 4:14 PM by Brent Rothwell
Tuesday, 7 May 2013
Dandelions aren't so dandy!

Ode to the Dandelion

Oh Dandelion, so short and sweet,

With Golden hair and rooted feet.

You come out in the spring sunlight

Your shining face it is so bright.

In April each year, you don’t hesitate,

Like a litter of bunnies, you proliferate.

Like a yellow wave you always come,

Your Latin name…? Taraxacum!

I see you in all the vacant lots,

In manicured lawns and flower pots,

I see you in the rain and during the drought,

I see you wherever I am about.

In the cracks of my driveway and up near my house,

You’re quickly becoming an unwanted louse!

You get into my beds and into my grass,

I wish I could get rid of your…………stems.

You bring all your brothers and your sisters,

But you’re uninvited to my party mister.

I want you all to go away

To my neighbor’s lawn, be gone today!

So if dandelions are bothering you,

There’s only one logical thing to do.

We can help you get out of that scrape,

Just give us a call, we’re Rothwell Landscape.

With a quick little spray you’ll be happy again,

Our fertilizer program will help more grass fill in.

A sprinkler system will make your lawn strong,

And those dandelions will be long gone.

Again if you missed it the very first time,

Our number, 539-1799.

Posted on 05/07/2013 4:20 PM by Justin Weller
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